Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Saint Bridget School is a Catholic, Christ-centered environment that provides a strong academic curriculum and fosters spiritual growth, moral development, and the pursuit of excellence in the whole person.

Our Vision

Saint Bridget School, rooted in the richness of Catholic tradition, will creatively and enthusiastically challenge our learning community to:

  • Sustain a Christ-centered environment.
  • Cultivate the potential of each child.
  • Teach Gospel values and integrate them into daily life.
  • Provide opportunities for prayer, worship, stewardship, and service.
  • Prepare each student to be a life-long learner who is able to make responsible choices reflecting the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Challenge and empower the faculty and staff to continually evaluate the present so they can better design the future, building on the school’s foundation and rich heritage for present and future generations.

Our Core Values

  • We Encounter
  • We Love
  • We Seek
  • We Respond
  • We Minister