Posted: April 25, 2020

2020-2021 JK- Grade 5 School Supply Lists and Order Information

Although shopping for school supplies may not be on your “to do” list during this unusual time, planning is in process for next year already. The PTO is pleased to offer school supply kits through 1st Day School Supplies for those families interested in streamlining school supply shopping for rising Pre-K to 5th graders. (Middle school student will receive information about their supplies from Dr. Clift.)

Purchasing your school supplies through 1st Day School Supplies is completely voluntary. You may still choose to buy supplies independently and bring them to Book Day.

To make sure all parents are working off of the same supply list, regardless of whether you buy from 1st Day School Supplies or not, you can look up your child’s needed supplies on their website.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click here Saint Bridget School 1st Day School Suppliesor go to and enter the school zip code:  23226.
  1. Confirm you are on the Saint Bridget School page.
  1. Select the kit that corresponds to your child’s upcoming grade.
  1. Review the items in the kit by rolling over the individual items. All of the supplies are name brand.
  1. IMPORTANT:  Because some supplies are “reusable” – like calculators – and others are Saint Bridget School specific – like rest mats and Book Socks – there are notes at the bottom of each grade indicating additional supplies that MUST be purchased outside of the basic kit. Please read these notes carefully or your child will be missing important supplies.

1st Day School Supplies sells some items, and you’ll find these at the top of the main kit list. You can add those items on to your order, or buy them on your own.

Other items will be available, like always, at Book Day.

  1. For each kit you want to purchase, enter your child’s name, grade next year and gender.  Add the kit to the cart and you will see a pop up asking if you’d like to add on additional kits, add on calculators or accessories. You may choose one of these items or go to the cart to check out.

If you’d rather purchase supplies on your own, you can print the list from this page by printing from your browser.

All boxes will ship directly to the school and will be labeled with your child’s name and available on Book Day.

Please contact Liv Schneider directly at if you have any questions about ordering from 1st Day School Supplies.