Today’s Students… Tomorrow’s Leaders!

Active, involved, and eager to learn can best describe the typical student at Saint Bridget School! From that first day in kindergarten to the inspirational walk from the church on the evening of 8th grade graduation, memories are being made. The experience is rich in spirituality, educational rigor, and the spirit of community. One of God’s greatest blessings is children; Saint Bridget School is truly blessed.

So much happens in a school day. And so little of it is captured from a student’s perspective. Thanks to Google Glass, we were able to capture these scenes that take place every day at St. Bridget School…through the eyes of our students. Kindergarten-8th grade students wore Google Glass to record video from their school day. Their clips give you a glimpse of a typical day at our school. Making this movie made us wish we could capture every moment of every day! Hope you enjoy our video: