Saint Bridget School, in conjunction with Saint Bridget Church is pleased to announce the formation of the Saint Bridget Service Team.

Community service opportunities exists all around us. The purpose of the Saint Bridget Service Team is to fulfill a goal of offering our students an opportunity to serve our community. The Saint Bridget Service Team will focus on In Reach Projects
(those that are on the grounds of our school and church) as well as Out Reach Projects (those that are off campus). Projects will vary based on the needs of our community.

In order to be a member of the Saint Bridget Service Team, students must have a positive attitude and be willing to serve. Service to our community might not be glamorous at times, but it will be fulfilling. Community service projects will be age appropriate. Each grade will have a Service Team Representative that will work with our parent representatives to get the word out about our upcoming projects.

We anticipate having one or two service projects a month. They will be done after school and possibly on some weekends. We look forward to starting a lasting tradition of service to our community through the Saint Bridget Service Team.

Saint Bridget Service Team News:

Thank you Service Team Members for starting the year off in such a positive way.  20 Service Team Members will be supporting this weeks Speak Up 5K !  Look for us at the half way point handing out water to all the runners.  After this week we roll right into staffing the Saint Bridget Pancake Breakfast on September 20th.  There are a limited number of spots left to volunteer – so sign up soon.  New members will receive their Service Team T-Shirts when they work their first project

Lots of opportunity to get involved! Please email for more information.