In 2013, Saint Bridget School’s board, administration, faculty, alumni and parents created a five-year plan to meet the current and future educational needs of our students. In the fall of 2014, a series of parent-led meetings called Ignite the Light were held to further strengthen the school and community. Parents and faculty examined all facets of Saint Bridget School life and imagined our school’s future: curriculum, facilities, technology, staffing and enrollment. Both of these processes had recurring themes of space limitations in our current campus that impede the implementation of these ideas. Just three days after this meeting, we learned of the opportunity to purchase Westhampton Baptist Church.

Additional space is necessary to better serve our current students, create more dedicated classroom space and offer program enhancements. Currently, the school utilizes two church nurseries for middle school classrooms.  Adding a Junior Kindergarten program will serve our current families allowing them to keep their children together and increase Kindergarten enrollment. Saint Bridget is the only area Catholic school that does not offer a preschool program. This is a transformational time in the school’s history to provide for the future of the school and generations of students.

Strengthening the Parish

The Campaign for Saint Bridget School will fulfill its mission of providing strong academic curriculum in a Catholic Christ-centered environment and strengthen the parish.  In addition to freeing up additional space that can be used for growing parish ministries, a strong school will continue to attract young families and enhance the vibrant life of the entire parish community.

The Time is Now

The dream of acquiring additional property for just this kind of critical expansion has been in the minds and hearts of the Saint Bridget parish and school leadership for more than thirty years.  This once in a lifetime opportunity has come available after decades of expansion limitations due to the land-locked nature of the original campus. On July 31, 2015 Saint Bridget School purchased Westhampton Baptist Church, a historic landmark and iconic west end feature located just 1 block from our current York Road Campus. Style Weekly’s article “The Nine Most Endangered Places in Richmond” published on March 18, 2015 identified this property as most in need of attention and preservation.