Parent FAQs

I want to review the grade scale.  Where can I find that information ?

This information and more is located in our Parent\Student Handbook.  Click here to open the handbook.

Where can I find faculty/staff email addresses?

From the Parents tab, select Faculty/Staff Email Addresses on the right side of the webpage.

Can I print a calendar with all of the school holidays/closings?

Yes, to view and print  the 2018-2019 at a glance listing of holidays and early dismissals click Holiday and School Closings At A Glance 2018-2019. The calendar on the website can be printed, too.  However, we do recommend checking the calendar on a regular basis as some events are added after the start of school.  Click the print icon at the top of the website calendar and select the date range you want to print.

What is the school uniform and how do I purchase school uniform items?

Click here to view the uniform and dress code information including shoes and spirit day attire: 2018-2019 Uniform Guidelines.

In additional to the requirements found in the Parent/Student Handbook, here are several key uniform reminders:

  • The students’ uniform and general appearance should be clean and neat with shirts tucked in and pants/skirts worn at the waist.
  • A belt is part of the boys’ uniform and must be worn at all times.
  • Girls may not wear nail polish or make-up, have extreme haircuts or add color or highlights to their hair, or wear hair bows, ties, or other objects on their wrists.
  • Shirt sleeves, skirts, and gym shorts may not be rolled.
  • Shorts/compression shorts may be worn under PE uniform/skirts, but must not be visible.
  • Girls’ skirts should be no shorter than 2″ above the knees.

Our school uniform is a key element to our Catholic identity; it is a visible reminder of our membership in the Saint Bridget School community.

 What is Book Day?

Book Day/Registration is held the day before the start of school each year.  Events are held at both campuses. All current and new families join us to:

  • Submit your packet of enrollment forms
  • Purchase specific items that are on the school supply list, used uniform or spirit wear items
  • Register for the After School program or school activities (band, scouts, etc.)
  • Set-up your child’s cafeteria account
  • Sign up for a carpool or to volunteer with the PTO
  • Visit the classroom and meet the teachers
  • Helpful Hint: Bring your child’s school supplies and deliver them to the classroom which will make the first day of school go more smoothly!

On the website, where can I find?

  • Calendar: On the bottom left of the home page and at the top of every page
  • Bridget Bulletin: In the Parents section, in the area on the right
  • PTO Information: In the Parents section
  • Teacher Pages: In the Parents section under  “Teacher/RenWeb”
  • Announcements: They are on every page of the website. On the home page, you will find announcements on the center of the bottom page and on the right side of all other pages.