2018-2019 Tuition Rates

Catholic Families

1st student 2nd student 3rd student 4th student
6th – 8th Grade $7,939 $7,245 $6,612 $5,949
Full-day Junior Kindergarten – 5th Grade


$6,245 $5,612 $4,949

Other Faiths Families

Full-day JK – 8th $11,662
 6th – 8th                    $12,662

Annual Fees

Registration $100.00 per family
Parent-Teacher Organization $100.00 per family
Books Grades JK-5 $250.00 per student
Books Grades 6-8 $285.00 per student

Financial Aid

After being enrolled at Saint Bridget School you will be assisted through the financial aid process.  There is an application fee that is non-refundable.

Saint Bridget School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin or gender in awarding financial aid. The award is based on available funds and the financial need of each family.

2018 – 2019 Financial Aid Overview/Timeline

The diocese assigns each student a round – Round 1, 2 or 3 – based on date FACTS completes a review of their application. The following timetable will be used:

  • Parents are required to complete FACTS Grant and Aid Application by 3/1/2018 for Round 1; 6/1/2018 for Round 2; N/A for Round 3.
  • FACTS reviews applications (received by above deadlines) Round 1 review begins 3/15/2018; Round 2 review begins 6/15/2018; Round 3 N/A.
  • The Catholic Diocese sends a letter to school outlining 2018 – 2019 diocesan aid allocations – 3/26/2017 · Diocese reviews School allocations for compliance beginning 4/30/2018 for Round 1; 7/23/2018 for Round 2; 9/20/2018 for Round 3.
  • School Allocates local awards – Round 1 – 5/10/2018; Round 2 – 8/1/2018; Round 3 – ongoing.
  • School sends Award letters to parents by 5/31/2018 for Round 1; 8/15/2018 for Round 2: ongoing for Round 3. Possibility of 6 awards as follows: McMahon Parameter Endowment Unrestricted (Diocese awards) McMahon Parater Endowment Restricted (Diocese awards) Designated EISTC/Tax Credits (School awards) Parish Sharing (School awards) Local (School awards) Undesignated EISTC/Tax Credits (Diocese awards in collaboration with schools)

Additional Tuition Assistance Available:

You may also qualify for additional assistance from the Diocese of Richmond. The Diocese offers 3 types of tuition assistance:

  • Parish Sharing
  • McMahon Parater Foundation Scholarships
  • Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits ProgrSTC)

To apply, complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment online at Tuition Assistance Application