How is an education at Saint Bridget different from other private or public schools?  It is different in four, fundamental ways.

At Saint Bridget Catholic School, students learn “different content.”  Although they learn to read and write, do math, social student, and science, they also learn to understand the bible and learn to see the world through a biblical perspective.  They learn a plan of salvation and the customs and traditions of our church.  They learn to respect themselves and others as image bearers of God.  They learn to serve God and others and to care for God’s creation.  They learn their value and maintain spiritual, moral, physical, social and emotional health.

At Saint Bridget Catholic School, students learn for a “different purpose.”  They learn to impact the world for Christ.  They learn to think with the mind of Christ.  They get the skills they need to get into college or get a job, but also to get into heaven.

At Saint Bridget Catholic School, students learn from “different people.”  They learn from God’s people.  People with new hearts who live for God.  People who bear the fruits of the Spirit, people who are passionate about helping all students increase their understanding and application of a Catholic perspective.

At Saint Bridget Catholic School, student learn in a “different environment.”  A Catholic, Christ-centered environment.  An environment that is safe, healthy, and nurturing.  An environment that is characterized by love, gratitude, trust, respect for differences, and high expectations.

These are the differences that make a Catholic education at Saint Bridget School so important.