Performance Series Testing

In the fall, winter, and spring throughout the year, Saint Bridget students in grades 2-8, take the Performance Series Assessment. The Performance Series assessments provide consistent, accurate, and objective information about student achievement in Reading and Math.

The Performance Series scores represent achievement in particular areas at only one particular time and must be reviewed with a student’s actual class work, homework, test grades, projects, interest in school, work and study habits, and interaction with others.

These tests measure knowledge generally taught at a particular grade level and help identify strengths, weaknesses, and the effectiveness of our educational program. With this information, we can help individual students and address the needs of each grade level by developing a School Learning Plan every September.

Following each assessment, parents receive a Performance Series Home Report, a graph summarizing the student’s achievement in the content areas tested. Along with this report, teachers are always willing to help parents gain a better understanding of these scores.