Middle School Foreign Language

The Middle School foreign language program at Saint Bridget covers vocabulary and grammar topics in Level One of the Discovering French and Avancemos (Spanish) textbooks over a two-year period beginning in the Seventh Grade. Through these programs, students can earn high school language credits by passing the Diocesan Exam at the end of the eighth grade. Students prepare for this exam with a variety of age-appropriate lessons, activities, and field trips throughout this two-year course. Spanish is also offered as an elective course.

French and Spanish classes are conducted primarily in the target language to help students to develop listening and speaking skills. In all languages, reading comprehension, structural recognition, and writing skills are developed in conjunction with cultural topics. Along with the textbook, a variety of supplemental media are used in the classroom for instructional purposes.

In the Sixth Grade, students are required to take a semester course in Spanish and French. The Fun with French and Fun with Spanish texts supplement vocabulary, grammar, and cultural topics. The Sixth Grade Exploratory course creates a bridge between the elementary curriculum and the courses for high school credit.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the National French and Spanish competing with their peers nationwide. Saint Bridget School also supports chapters of the National Junior Classical League and Spanish Honor Society.