Technology is a vital component of the academic programs at St. Bridget School. Today’s students are a “digital generation”, having grown up with cell phones, home computers, game systems, and digital cameras. The family automobile is often equipped with a GPS system and additional on-board systems designed to entertain. Young people are surrounded by and immersed in technology. To meet this generation of students on its own terms, our faculty makes use of technology to actively engage students and to address their various styles of learning.

Teachers use technology as a tool to enhance the instruction, encourage exploration and investigation, thereby ensuring that technology is a means, not an end, in itself. Students learn computer applications, multi-media presentations, Internet research and keyboarding skills. The following technology resources are available to fully integrate technology throughout the curriculum:

  • Smartboards or Apple TVs in ALL classrooms
  • Wireless access throughout school
  • 7 shared carts with:
    • 120 4th generation iPads
    • 30 chromebooks, 30 dell minis, 30 netbooks
  • Technology lab with 28 computers
  • Fully automated library containing additional desktop systems for student use
  • Bring Your Own Device in middle school: all 6th-8th grade students use their personal laptop, iPad, tablet, etc. daily in every class

As educators in a small institution, we feel the need to extend our own technology envelope as well. Our vision is that by modeling the use of emerging technologies, we can encourage our students to become lifetime learners and problem solvers eager to embrace the demands of the 21st century.