All students participate in weekly physical education classes including in age-appropriate flexibility, strength, and endurance exercises; team sports, partner games and group activities to develop proper technique and sportsmanship.

Many activities are done in circuit training stations to maximize student participation. Elementary students focus on demonstrating beginning skills in volleyball, hockey, soccer, basketball, football, and various lead-up games. Middle school students focus on sports skills and experiment with basic offensive and defensive strategies during the participation of complex team sports. The sports of basketball, football, tennis, soccer, handball, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, hockey, and baseball are covered in various ways during middle school physical education class. All grade levels enjoy appropriate aerobics to help maintain cardiovascular health and fitness through Wii games and an aerobics instructor.

Finally, each student in grades 2-8, participates in the President’s Physical Fitness test. The goal is for the students to recognize the value and benefits of being active and physically fit. Health instruction is also included each student’s homeroom and physical education class. The students learn to recognize the sides of the health triangle: mental, physical, and emotional. Also, the students learn to discriminate between healthy and non- healthy foods. Various current health topics and the relationship between nutrition, fitness, and rest is covered on a continuous basis.

All grades meet once a week for class and participate in recess daily. There are various extra physical education opportunities at St Bridget School. A field day will be held for K-7th grade in the spring each year to provide a fun day of exciting activity for all students.