Saint Bridget School Kindergarten is committed to the spiritual, emotional, cognitive development of each child in a nurturing Catholic environment. A center-based curriculum supports the discovery of knowledge through exploration and experimentation while focusing on the interests, abilities, and needs of each child. Multi-sensory activities enhance developmental growth, encourage natural curiosity, and seek to foster a joy of learning.


Spiritual and Social Development

  • Development of a positive self-image in a relationship to God
  • Classroom prayers, songs, Bible stories, and attendance of weekly Mass
  • Learning to interact with peers and adults
  • Development of cooperative play and conflict resolution
  • Development of self-control and becoming independent learners and thinkers

Language Arts

  • Early literacy learning through language, play, movement, and drama
  • Literacy and print rich classroom environment
  • Daily story time and share time
  • Development of listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills
  • Wilson Fundations Program/introduction to letter/sound and writing skills
  • Development of fine motor skills through cutting, modeling, drawing, painting, coloring, and building
  • Writing Program using 6+1 Writing Traits within the framework o writing workshop
  • PALS assessment (3 times annually)


  • Hands-on learning and exploration
  • Calendar time
  • Counting, sorting, classifying, patterning, and measurement
  • Number and number sense concepts include one to one correspondence, numerical recognition, quantity, and numerical order
  • Integration through art, music, and physical movement

Science and Social Studies

  • Integrated¬†into daily centers, reading and religion classes
  • Field trips enhance science and social studies units

Weekly Special Courses include:

  • Music, Art, P.E, Library, and Foreign Language (Spanish and French)

Classroom Features

  • Average class size is 22 students
  • One certified teacher and an Instructional Assistant in each homeroom
  • Large spacious classroom with a variety of play and learning centers
  • Boys and Girls bathroom located within the classroom
  • Recess twice a day and 30 minutes of nap/rest time daily
  • Daily integration of technology with a Smart Board, desktop computers, and shared iPad carts in each classroom.