Academic Philosophy 

Saint Bridget School provides a superior academic environment focused on the whole child JK-8.  Our high academic standards and academic rigor challenge and engage our students in excellence.  Our curriculum promotes higher order thinking, application of 21st century skills, and inquiry-based learning within a Catholic environment.  We provide a wider academic environment to meet the needs of various learning styles through research-based teaching strategies.  Saint Bridget School provides a strong foundation for all students to reach their academic, social, and spiritual potential.

In addition to our academic rigor, Saint Bridget School seeks to maintain and continually strengthen our Catholic identity.  At Saint Bridget School we:

  • Focus on developing the whole child as contributing, global citizens by loving God and giving back to society.
  • Recognize Jesus Christ is united with each student and from whom we cultivate our values.
  • Emphasize school as a community of faith that practices teamwork, cooperation, and interaction.
  • Create an environment and culture that is guided by the gospel.
  • Inspire a love for learning and truth in all aspects of our instruction.

Saint Bridget School adheres to the policies and guidelines set forth for Catholic schools in the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.

Saint Bridget School is AdvancED accredited and the Diocese of Richmond is AdvancED accredited as a school system.



Saint Bridget Middle School Program (Grades 6-8)

With an average class size of 20 students, Saint Bridget’s middle school program is built on the philosophy of shaping our adolescents into faith-filled, self-directed citizens.  Our students are challenged to explore, create, and make decisions that impact their learning in a nurturing environment tailored to the needs of this unique stage of adolescent development.  Middle school instruction at Saint Bridget School continues to build upon a solid foundation of academic skills while enriching student knowledge through rigorous coursework and experiential learning.  Technology is integrated throughout the middle school environment.  Saint Bridget School has adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for middle school students.  This allows students to digitally interact and collaborate at school and at home in all subject areas.  Students have access to a multitude of resources to broaden their perspectives.  You can find students working on interactive whiteboards, creating objects via a 3D printer, building their technology literacy through coding, and participating in project-based learning opportunities.  Our highly trained middle school staff is committed to working with the adolescent mind to promote academic and spiritual growth.  Our students go on to successfully attend specialty programs at area high schools, including Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, area Catholic high schools, and private high schools.  Student leave Saint Bridget School prepared to meet the challenges of high school and beyond.


Curriculum Offerings

  • Religion; Weekly Mass
  • Language Arts and Literature
  • Mathematics; Pre-Algebra, Algebra (HS Credit), Geometry (HS Credit)
  • U.S History, Civics & Economics, World History (HS Credit)
  • Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Geo Science (HS Credit)
  • Foreign Languages; French I (HS Credit), Latin I (HS Credit), Spanish I (HS Credit)
  • Specialty Courses; Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, Collage, Academic Resource
  • Elective Courses; Enrichment Opportunities Based on Interest
  • Exploratory Offerings; Experiential Service and Learning Opportunities in the Community
  • Formative Assessments; Scantron Performance Series Assessments in Mathematics and Reading, Semester Exams, Classroom Assessments Based on Content.