The Saint Bridget School administration consist of a team of professionals who are dedicated to consensus building, promoting the child, strengthening the spiritual culture, and representing fairness and justice for the greater school and church community.

The team consists of the following:

Pastor: Monsignor Carr
Principal: George Sadler
Assistant Principal: Virginia Ross
Primary Resource Specialists: Lauren Hill/Melanie Dooley
Middle School Resource Specialist: Kathleen Mackey
Resource Teacher Representative: Elizabeth Kerr
Grades K-2 Representative: Jane Butler
Grades 3-5 Representative: Teresa McBarron
Grades 6-8 Representative: Meghan Hess
Admissions & Development: Pamela Wray
School Counselors: Erin Hurley/Kathleen Ellis
Religion Coordinators: Beth Ouellette/Cathy Sickinger
Technology Specialists: Eric DeBoer/Akela Silkman