Our strong tradition of excellence continues!

Built on 66 years of quality Catholic education

Since 1952, Saint Bridget Catholic School has built a solid tradition of excellence. The school was recognized in 2007 by the Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. In 2008, the school received further accolades from the diocesan accrediting body, SACS-CASI, by earning the top designation of exemplary status. The school’s many accomplishments are tied closely to the hard work of a caring and talented staff, a supportive parish and pastor, dedicated parents and an engaged student body.

Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence through academic, moral and spiritual growth

Saint Bridget Catholic School provides a holistic approach to education, taking into consideration the developmental process of each individual: spiritual, physical, academic, emotional and social. We provide a safe and stimulating environment in which each child’s learning style is addressed through a variety of teaching techniques and strategies.

Students are challenged not only to learn and master rigorous academics but also to apply that knowledge in practical situations by using higher-order critical thinking skills and logical reasoning abilities. Saint Bridget students learn by doing—through hands-on instruction and activities, centers in the classroom and cooperative group experiences.

Whether a new junior kindergarten student or an 8th grader on the threshold of young adulthood, we challenge every student to reach for academic excellence—by encouraging critical thinking, supporting collaboration and inspiring an environment of exploration.

True to the rich tradition of Catholic education, we provide a spiritual framework focused on faith, values, and service.

Integrated with the latest technologies and a newly enhanced learning environment

In 2009, Saint Bridget School completed a multi-million dollar renovation project. An iconic exterior now gives way to an up-to-date interior that features brightly painted rooms, new lighting, windows and climate-controlled heating/cooling systems. Additionally, the classrooms are complete with 21st-century technology and learning tools. Even with these magnificent changes, the school maintains its old-school charm and sentimental ambiance.

  • Surrounded by and immersed in the latest technologies including Smartboards, netbook computers, and Internet resources
  • Smartboards and Internet access in all classrooms
  • Integrated curriculum links content between subjects
  • School website with teacher web pages available